Creek remediation

SPIDEX was called to a remediation job in swift water. The Spider was the most suitable machine to work in the creek with almost zero ground impact.

Once more, being equipped with fully biodegradable hydraulic fluid proved that the Spider hoe is the most suitable and safest machine in this environment.

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Environmental remediation

An old dump site below a cliff in a marsh needed to be removed and properly disposed in a landfill. Because this dump was in a protected wildlife area, ground impact had to be as low as possible. To further reduce the impact, the work had to be done when the marsh was frozen so we could move in with our equipment on the ice.
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When removing fuel tanks at gas stations, workspace is always limited, especially in cities. We are able to place our machine on banks or piles to leave enough room for trucking.


Concrete Demolition

We provide demolition services with our hydraulic breaker.





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