Ski Marmot Basin contracted the professional services of Spidex All Terrain Excavating Inc, and Domenic Frei, for a major permanent snow fence installation over the Summer.  Spidex completed the work efficiently and with little to no impact on the sensitive alpine terrain of our National Park ski area.  Domenic managed to work over snow, eliminating virtually all impact to the terrain, and completed the job on time.  Not only was Spidex able to satisfy all the stipulations of the work needed, Domenic was also able to provide creative problem solving solutions as challenges arose.  We highly recommend Spidex All Terrain Excavating Inc. and will certainly be contracting them in the future. 

Rob Ellen

Mountain Operations Supervisor, Ski Marmot Basin

Dear Domenic;

I hope this letter finds you well.  I am writing this letter for your use as a testimonial as to the work Spidex All Terrain Excavating performed for us last fall.

I had this job out to several arborist companies for quotes before I found you in the CWSAA membership list.  All of their quotes came in much higher and the time frame was too long to consider.  From my first contact with you via telephone I found you to be personable, upfront and easy to deal with.  You scheduled a site visit right away and together we came up with a plan for the job.

Due to the extreme grade of the right of way under our Tramway, you used a special winch attachment that allowed you to negotiate the very steep areas and the job progressed very well.  Throughout the process you were on time, efficient with your time and any obstacles or challenges were discussed and solutions found in a logical manner.

Your machine is amazing and the low ground impact, safe and efficient manner with which the project was realized fit very well within the strict guidelines we operate under in Jasper National Park.

The mulching head worked very well (I had my doubts) but with this attachment you were able to quickly progress up the slope and spread the cuttings in such a manner that most of the cuttings did not require further handling.  I was amazed at the size of tree you could mulch in a matter of minutes.

Please feel free to direct any future clients you may have to me for a reference.

We would use Spidex All Terrain Excavating for future projects without hesitation.

Alex Rayner

General Manager, Jasper Tramway

BC Hydro was required to decommission a small concrete dam with an in filled reservoir located at the top of a steep heavily forested slope in the Village of Queen Charlotte City on the islands of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. The aesthetic value of the forest was a critical factor in selecting the equipment and access requirements for this job.  After careful consideration, the Spider excavator from SPIDEX was selected because it could climb the steep slopes (average 40%) with minimal access requirements. Only a narrow path, the width of the machine was needed to climb up the hill in a straight line.

In addition to its climbing ability, the Spider was able to enter the narrow creek channel to remove infill material, break concrete with an attached ram, lift concrete slabs out of the channel and excavate the channel to bedrock.

This project was an overwhelming success due to the performance of not only the equipment, but the operator, Domenic Frei.  Domenic proved to be a key member of the team, offering suggestions on who to execute a task more efficiently, stepping out of his machine regularly to check local conditions or cut fallen logs and performing safety checks.

When the Spider excavator was not required Domenic would assist the crews in whatever task they were engaged in. The final task for this project was the construction of wooden footbridge across the creek.  Domenic took on a leadership role with the local labourers, physically building the bridge.

Domenic and his machine were clearly instrumental in the success of the project.

Thank you Domenic

Bill Illidge

BC Hydro

Project Y1P Peebles to Yorkton 138KV
(Qu’appelle Valley crossing)

Having Spidex come out to our job site for a very challenging project and having the successful completion without incident was a great experience.

Working with Domenic is always a pleasure with his skill set and teamwork mentality it makes
my job much easier. Not only does Domenic’s skills out preform but his knowledge and experience is a asset each and every time. Always driven to meet or complete ahead of schedule. Spidex is up for any of the challenges given as has a very strong problem-solving skill set and works great in a team environment, I honestly couldn’t say enough good things about Domenic. Our client has requested his expertise in the coming years for some of their challenging terrain due to Domenic’s ability to leave little to no impact on the surrounding environment. I look forward to many more challenging projects working with Domenic in the future.

Mikael Barron

Construction Manager, Forbes Bros