Did You Know?

Domenic is a Certified Operator for Walking Mobile Excavators.

…we can operate the Spider in water up to 6 ft deep.

…we are able to cross railway tracks without the risk of touching the rail.

…the single largest – equipment related – contributor to construction site pollution is hydraulic fluid. SPIDEX exclusively uses fully biodegradable hydraulic fluid to protect the environment we work in.

…the Spider can work on slopes steeper than people can walk.

…the Spider fits under a ceiling height of less than 10 ft.

…the Spider fits through a 7 ft wide x 8 ft high gap; it can lift 5500kg and has an operating reach of 27 feet.

…the Spider only needs to be refueled every 30 hours, which means we can work in difficult terrain without losing time to refuel and/or dragging jerry cans to the worksite.

…we overcome obstacles that are up to 5 ft high without touching.

…every bucket can be turned around & work in the opposite direction.

…the Spider is designed to hold gunite or vacuum hoses but it can certainly be used to lift anything else. Our crane attachment can reach up to 42 ft.

…for hard to reach locations – cranes can safely transport our Spider to the worksite.

…the Spider has enormous stability on the snow pack.

…digging underneath the excavator is very handy especially in confined areas.

…we move on tires with a max. speed of 10km/h.

…working on side slopes is easy with the Spider.

…our winch can also be used to drag & lift objects from far away.