Owner | Operator – Domenic Frei

Swiss born – Domenic Frei has worked in the Civil & Hydraulic Engineering industry since 1998.
He completed his civil engineering apprenticeship, then progressed and became a certified operator for walking mobile excavators. To advance his experience, he re-located & worked as a foreman and supervisor in…

  • Switzerland
  • Yugoslavia
  • Russia

In Canada, Domenic has worked as a supervisor for an environmental service company. He has worked on projects for the Canadian Pacific Railway, supervised remediation of hydrocarbon impacted soils, acted as a liaison with city and provincial authorities during excavation of third party properties, and coordinated health and safety standards on work sites.

In 2008, Domenic started his own incorporated company in Vernon, BC – offering unique and efficient excavating solutions with his walking mobile excavator (Spider) all over British Columbia & Alberta.