Hydraulic Construction

Creek Restoration

SPIDEX was called to a restoration job in swift water.

The Spider was the most suitable machine to work in the creek with ultra low ground impact.

Fish Habitat

The main concern when working in fish habitat is having as little impact as possible. With the Spider, we walk in the creek bed with swamp pads achieving ultra low ecological impact.

Watch as we re-enter the creek after re-fueling on dryland. The Spider can now get back to work with another 30 hours of fuel in its tanks.

Creek Bed Reinforcement

This creek bed was undermined by water containing rubble during melting seasons and storms. The yearly issues threatened the adjacent properties. With the Spider, we literally crawled up the rocky creek and stabilized the bed with boulders.

This creek was accessible from the ocean only, which required the use of a barge. Some work on the estuary was completed directly from the barge.

The captain just loved the rubber tires of the Spider because they didn’t damage the wooden surface of the barge like large excavators do.

We are able to provide environmentally safe work conditions with our Spider – including using fully biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

Log – Box Systems & Watershed

Another specialty of Spidex is the stabilisation of creek beds and banks.

Over time, because of wind and water currents, driftwood reaches the dams and become stuck. To properly maintain the dam, the wood needs to be removed.

Driftwood & Beaver Dam Removal

Because of a minimal footprint and the rotateable grapple bucket, SPIDEX keeps the silt disturbance to a minimum.

A machine like the Spider can do what other excavators cannot. Beaver dams are no match for the flexibility & power this machine offers.


When water levels of hydroelectric reservoirs are down, the exposed banks can be very silty.

The Spider, equipped with swamp pads, can work its way through the silt to perform tasks such as burying breakwater anchors.


To dewater a marsh area, water ditches are inevitable. 

The challenging part is to work on the soft ground in order to build the trench.

Nearshore Activities

With the Spider, we can work in up to 6 ft of water.

Accessing the shoreline on the steep bank of a hydro dam is possible with the Spider.