Rock Walls

Spidex reconstructed a rock wall that collapsed because of erosion in collaboration with Bear Paw Earthworks. The endlessly turn-able grapple bucket attachment gives more options for placing the rocks.

The only access to the wall was from the seaside. To be allowed to work in lakes and creeks, a machine like the Spider needs to run on fully biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

Swimming Pools

To have a swimming pool or a rock wall built in the backyard can cause problems because of the restricted accessibility.

We can fit the Spider through a passage that is 8 feet wide and are still able to build a rock wall with up to 5-footers (rocks).

Confined spaces are always a big drawback when working in residential areas – but the Spider can manage quite easily.

We placed the Spider on the bank of the pool with its legs on various levels to be able to bring the rocks into place.

On this project we accessed the pool from one side only, and were then better able to build the pool from the inside out.

With the specially designed pads, the machine did not stress the pool liner or existing concrete work while staying stationary.


Grading and digging irrigation trenches on side slopes is easy with this machine – even those hard to reach areas.

For confined spaces the adjustable legs allow for ease of movement to not interfere with existing structures.