Overhead Powerlines

With our crane attachment, we are able to hook up the ‘unsafe to climb’ pole at the top, remove it and safely dismantle it on the ground.

Replacing a 60 year old and 2 km long power line on a mountain side, feeding a repeater / cell site.


SPIDEX designed and built an attachment to safely and efficiently set the 55’ poles.

Due to the ability of carrying our hydraulic breaker along, there was no need for any drilling and blasting which resulted in huge savings for the customer.

Tools and all the supplies had to be flown in


Spidex sometimes sets the culverts and anchors so the poles can be flown in later.

Pole Replacing

Poles needed to be replaced on the steep bank on Hwy 1. With the Spider, we stepped over the barricades, down to the pole, dug the holes, placed the new poles and removed the old ones.



Underground Power Lines


The power cable for the new cell tower had to be laid underground through the forest. SPIDEX dug the trench for the cable in the rough and steep terrain.


With our machine mounted hydraulic winch, we pulled the power cable in as we went.


The reel stand was supplied and set up by SPIDEX.